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There is no other energy source more environment friendly as solar energy. This natural energy does not pollute the atmosphere when being converted into electricity by solar panels. Solar energy is the safest source as it does not produce greenhouse effect which is the major cause of global warming and environmental pollution.

Viano has installed over more than 2300 solar pannels on the roof at headquarters at Aalst (Belgium).

With a capacity 550 MegaWatt electricity on yearly base, Viano fullfils its own needs for energy to manufacture organic and organo- mineral fertilisers, soil improvers and related garden products. This investment is our contribution to decrease the CO2- emission in the atmosphere and to minimize our ecological footprint on the enviroment.

For the sake of our future it worth to be VIANO partner and environmental friendly at the same time !

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VIANO Organic Brand

Welcome to VIANO Organics  Hungarian distributor's website.

This user friendly website gives every visitor –professional, and  hobby gardener- a clear and detailed overview of the the oldest Belgian,  premuim quality, environmental friendly  organic fertilizer brand,  VIANO, established in 1948.  You will get usefull information  on product range, manufacturing process, services, available marketing tools and general information on organic, and organic-mineral fertilizers.
During the last decades as the result of environmental pollution the micro structure of soil has been deteriorated, and fertility of  soils declined dynamically. This caused uneasiness in plant nutrition. Our ecological foot print has taken alarming measures.
According to Anna Lady Bellford, agronomist’s words:
" Soil is a living structure, do not feed the plant, but nourish the soil."

Our primarily aim is to form through VIANO a naturalist community fond of gardening, with a protective attitude towards our vulnerable planet. We would give a hand to the open minded,  inquisitive people, and firms how to act environmentally sound with  organic and organic-mineral  fertilisers in their gardens, farms, orchards, or nurseries, in their landscaping, or grass care activity.

VIANO product range contains mainly eco- friendly garden products such as organic fertilisers, soil improvers, potting soils and composts, lime, bark and other related garden products. Viano offers products to professional and non- professional users and brings every effort to bear in manufacturing end products which meets the highest quality standards.

We wish you a pleasant browsing through our sites and hope VIANO makes you discovering the joy and benefits of organic gardening and you would gladely join the VIANO fan community soon.

We welcome enquires from wholesalers and retailers, organic farmers, landscapers and hobby gardeners. We are always happy to offer advice on a suitable selection on request.

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